Delivering to Australia's

Policy Commitments 

Working with Government, Industry, Charitable Foundations, Research & Education Institutions and Indigenous Australians. 

Streamlined Procurement Under Indigenous Procurement Policy
Rapid & Flexible Procurement    - Governmentwide 
We work to address closing the gap and digital divide between Indigenous Australian’s and the majority of Australian population.

INTTN is an Indigenous owned national enterprise delivering some of the most critical cutting-edge work in Commonwealth, State Government and Indigenous Australian Communities. 

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Our Expertise

Being an Indigenous Owned Business Our Heritage Makes Us Unique.

Our Motivations and The Drive and Commitment We Bring Really Sets Us Apart.


Facilities, Maintenance & Repair 

Cleaning Vehicle

Transport, Logistics & Supply Chain

White Minibuses

Design, Construction, Operation & Maintenance

Fixing a Pipe

Business Process Outsourcing & Specialist Services

Phone Operator

Manufacture, Assemble & Recycle

Paper Waste


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