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Delivery Focused. 

As an Indigenous Australian Owned company headquartered in Australia INTTN is dedicated to delivering superior outcomes for our customers’ missions while simultaneously creating a long-lived asset for our valued Stakeholders. 







Under the Australian Government Policy and Indigenous Business is any business that is 50 per cent or more Indigenous owned which INTTN remains to be and is verified as registered business with Supply Nation. 

INTTN operates throughout Australia ensuring we’re everywhere our customers need us.

Our people represent an uncommonly broad array of specialized talents, technologies, domain expertise, and proven program success across all of government and industry this has been developed and built over a long period of time. 

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Our Company

INTTN  deliver simplified and accelerated access to the products and services agencies need to ensure policy target success.


Our Heritage

Honesty and Integrity Govern our Activities

Integrity is at the core of our corporate values. We are transparent and open in our business dealings and take responsibility for our decisions, statements, and actions.

Commitments Made Will be Fulfilled

Like generations before us who knew that honoring their commitments could be the difference between life and death in their communities, we stand by each commitment we make, and deliver on our promises with no excuses.

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Everyone Will be Treated with Dignity and Respect

Our stakeholders learned to treat their environment and community with respect, as every person is integral to the community’s survival. We treat our customers, our employees, and our stakeholders with that same respect, recognizing the dignity in every human being.

Team work

Our Community

Commitment to Community

Sharing, hard work, and cooperation are critical values in the Australia and Indigenous Communities. At INTTN, we reflect those values by giving back—both in the regions and in the communities in which our people live and work. Our work enables the Indigenous people of Australia to provide for their community in many ways. From cultural preservation to employment opportunities to education, our stakeholders have created an asset that will sustain them for generations to come.

Community Development

INTTN supports a variety of programs focused on providing assistance to small businesses and economic initiatives in the Australia, including in-kind and where eligible investment.


INTTN contributes to scholarship programs, STEM programs for school-aged children, and internships that provide youth with the opportunities and education they need to help their communities thrive.

Direct Assistance

To ensure that individuals in regions have what they need to live in the harsh and challenging areas, INTTN supports critical direct assistance programs such as energy assistance, support for Elders, funeral expense assistance where eligible.

Stakeholder Employment

Stakeholder relationship coordinators in each rural and remote areas help with job placement, development and support.



INTTN leadership creates a vision for the future

and a culture of innovation and empowerment.

Receive our leadership factsheet and portfolio by emailing us directly. 

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