We provide 24/7/365 support to our customers, as well as deliver innovative approaches to meet challenging requirements and maintenance schedules.



INTNN consistently operate our work sites with a safety record significantly higher than the industry average, due to our commitment of supporting technically skilled personnel in safety-driven environments.



INTTN leverages experience using multiple management tools and automated maintenance management systems, ensuring improved asset visibility and control to improve performance across the enterprise.

Cyber Security 

Our sector-leading cyber security services help you meet and respond to the daily cyber security challenges. You can rely on our deep, practical cyber security knowledge and the expert services we provide:

  • Penetration Testing

  • Social Engineering Pen Testing

  • Incident Response 

  • Digital Forensics

  • Cloud Security

  • Container Security

  • DevOps, SecOps & DevSecOps Security

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security

  • SCADA Security

  • Office 365 Security Review

  • Host Security Assessment

  • Enterprise Breach Security Assessment

  • Red Teaming

  • Denial of Service Testing (DoS & DDoS)

  • Applications Security

  • Web Applications Security

  • Threat & Vulnerability Management

  • SAP Security Assessments

  • Database Servers & Security

  • Telecom Security & Testing

  • Virtualisation Security

  • Internet of Things (IOT) Security