INTTN acts as Governmentwide acquisition contract vehicle, basic ordering agreements, master goods and services agreements and service level agreements that provide access to the products, services, training, and support you need.







INTTN is 100% Australian Owned and Operated and equally our commitment to making sure investment in INTTN results in subsequent investment in the Australian economy is high importance and priority. 

INTTN engages and delivers services and projects at grass roots level and this means jobs and the like are delivering positive change in local metro, rural, regional and remote Australian areas. 

A core part of INTTN mission ensures investment cycle is regenerated to supports its mission address Sustainable Development Goals.

What is the Indigenous Procurement Policy?

The primary purpose of the Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) is to stimulate Indigenous entrepreneurship, business and economic development, providing Indigenous Australians with more opportunities to participate in the economy.

Prior to the implementation of the policy, Indigenous enterprises secured limited business from Commonwealth procurement. The policy is intended to significantly increase the rate of purchasing from Indigenous enterprises.

How the IPP Works?

How the IPP works:

  1. Annual targets for the volume and value of contracts to be awarded to Indigenous enterprises by the Commonwealth and each Portfolio.

  2. The Mandatory Set Aside (MSA) requires that Indigenous businesses be given an opportunity to demonstrate value for money before a general approach to market. The MSA applies to procurements to be delivered in remote Australia and for all other procurements wholly delivered in Australia valued between $80,000‑$200,000 (GST inclusive).

  3. Indigenous employment and business participation targets apply to contracts wholly delivered in Australia valued at $7.5 million or more in 19 industries, known as Mandatory Minimum Indigenous Participation Requirements (MMR).  


Exemption 16 of the Commonwealth Procurement Rules allows portfolios to procure directly with Indigenous small to medium size enterprises, provided the enterprise can demonstrate value for money. 

Social & Indigenous Procurement Policy 

Mandatory Minimum Indigenous participation requirements (MMR) for Indigenous workforce and/or supply targets (MMR)

MMR targets apply to contracts wholly delivered in Australia valued at or above $7.5m that are awarded in one or more of 19 specified industry categories.

Industry Categories

From 1 July 2020, the following 11 new industry categories with mandatory minimum requirements were added, which apply to Approaches to Market undertaken from that date:

  1. Farming and fishing and forestry and wildlife contracting services.

  2. Building, construction and maintenance services.

  3. Industrial cleaning services.

  4. Transportation, storage and mail services.

  5. Editorial and design and graphic and fine art services.

  6. Education and training services.

  7. Travel and food and lodging and entertainment services.

  8. Politics and civic affairs services.

  9. Financial instruments, products, contracts and agreements.

  10. Mining and oil and gas services.

  11. Industrial production and manufacturing services.

  12. Environmental services.

  13. Management and business professionals and administrative services (sub-category exemptions apply*).

  14. Engineering and research and technology-based services.

  15. Financial and insurance services (sub-category exemptions apply*).

  16. Healthcare services.

  17. Personal and domestic services.

  18. National defence and public order and security and safety services (sub-category exemption applies).

  19. Organisations and clubs.